Services continued...

Free Initial Discovery Meeting

This meeting is important because we are a still a relationship business, we find it helps both the client and us establish whether we can work together. We will outline our approach so that there are no nasty surprises or unexpected fees.

Factfind Meeting

Within this meeting we undertake a comprehensive fact finding exercise to give us a detailed picture of your current situation. We will identify your goals, create priorities, so we have a full picture on what you want to achieve so we can adopt the correct analysis.

Recommendations Meeting

From our factfind meeting we design a customised financial plan for you. The next stage is to implement your plan step by step and we will give guidance on the most suitable way to go about this, which can include recommending products available. The plan will, among other things, show how to protect your estate from the effects of inheritance tax as well as the potential cost of early death or long term illness or any other similar catastrophes which would have an affect on you achieving your financial goals.

Ongoing reviews

We have found that those clients who review their financial planning on an ongoing basis are more likely to achieve their goals, hence why we encourage regular reviews. The timescales are set by you, but we consider the minimum requirement is at lease once a year and we do keep in regular contact.