Kevin Cunningham

Kevin Cunningham
I work with a mixture of private clients, sole traders and Directors of small businesses, working with clients who are trying to design their financial future.

My view is “Long term financial security is complicated to achieve, it is not something you buy, stick in draw and hope it succeeds. I accept it not as exciting as planning your annual holidays or buying a new car, but also has to be vitally important if you want to keep enjoying these type of experiences. I have found the client’s who take time to plan, discuss and prioritise their needs and regularly review, tend to achieve their goals. From my experience I have found the “service” approach to financial planning is the correct solution, I consider my role is not just about offering products, though they can not be ignored, they are only a possible solution. It is more important I offer my professional advice and become involved in the conversation about clients future plans. I offer insight into the potential problems which may occur and even challenge if their goals are actually achievable. I then set in place a review plan so I can regularly discuss their progress”.

I started my career with the Pearl Assurance in 1986 employed as an adviser and then was promoted into a management position. Subsequently I held various adviser positions within Standard Life and Friends Provident. As an Independent Financial Adviser, (IFA), I have worked within regional IFA practices and a regional firm of accountants, from this position becoming a partner with a financial services company. I consider my historical work experiences have helped me understand how best to run my own business and help clients.


All advisers within our profession are required to have certain minimum qualifications, which are regularly checked and up graded through Continuous Personal Development.

I decided to add to the required level of qualifications and now hold the Diploma Qualification level; these additional qualifications cover Tax and Pension Planning.
From my experience I have found the service approach to financial planning is the correct solution