Beverly Cunningham

Beverly Cunningham
Beverly’s tasks incorporate supporting the company as it moves forward; this includes managing the administration of the company. Beverly’s marketing role includes attending Networking Events within the local business community, explaining our advice and service solutions. Also making appointments with Solicitors and Accountants to whom she advises on the advantages of employing an Independent Financial Adviser within their company for their clients.

Beverly says, “Behind every professional Company is, of course, the Secretary/ Administrator. I am enjoying this position enormously as no two days are the same, meeting and liaising with clients, indeed some of which I have developed a close relationship. I like structure and organisation within a Company and Bleathwood offers the perfect example. Clients are the most important part for me. I really enjoy helping them achieve their goals by, I suppose, ‘being the stepping stone’ to their solution.”

Beverly started within the financial services industry in early 2006, managing the office for a regional IFA practice. Beverly’s background has always been in customer services, management and administration covering a wide aspect of service led companies varying from newspapers to solicitors.

Behind any successful person is always the supporting cast, that’s my role